Virtual Assistance

You’ve got a lot of tasks that you need to finish, but you just don’t have the time to do it all by yourself. A Virtual Assistant could help you but what tasks would you let him or her work on? Most people are unaware about what and how much they can even outsource in the first place. We want to help you understand exactly what you can and should let your Virtual Assistant handle for you.

Find a Virtual Assistant whom you can trust to complete your tasks, they are basically your own personal assistant that exist in virtual space. Today Everything is being run through the internet and we can help you achieve your goals in more personal touch.

There’s a whole bunch of tasks you can assign to our Virtual Assistants. In fact, you can assign just about any task that does not require the physical presence of your worker like, email management and set schedule reminders. Other than this, we can also take care of your social media accounts, online research, content creation for blogs, bookkeeping, client and partner management, website maintenance, telephone calls, buying tickets for travel and lot more. You will be surprised how more professional we are than what you expected.

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Back Office

At Farmout2us we understand that business process outsourcing makes a big difference in managing expenses, increasing productivity and improving your bottom line, after all that is how we do our business. Our goal is to be able to help you to concentrate on what you’re good at, “running the business.”

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services guarantee cost effectivenessqualityaccuracy and security of your data. We focus on your tax preparation and accounting that ensure your operational costs are reduced to a greater extent.

We also understand that your data is very important to you. This is why we provide the most utmost security for Encoding your data. Having our people enter these data for you can have your business run more efficient and more effective. The people you have can do more important work than being in front of the computer for a long period of time in which could be more expense for you. This is where we come in to help you support all of your Data Entry.

We know that each and every business has different processes in work, that’s why we send our best people to meet and understand your business and find where you need help. We can adjust and customize our services to fit your business needs.

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Call Center

In FarmOut2Us, we believe that communication with customer reflects an opportunity to build a relationship. It can lead to customer loyalty and repeat business which are the cornerstones of today’s market conditions. We provide “quality more than quantity” and “quality of work is more important”.

Our Call Center consists of services which small businesses may find too expensive to pay for on a full time basis, and which larger businesses may find inefficient to run in house. These services include: (1) Customer Support which is the main data channels for customer satisfaction research and a way to increase customer retention; (2) Salesthat is responsible for online business support; and (3) Technical Support that provides technical and network problem resolution to end-users by performing a question diagnosis while guiding users through step-by-step solutions.

If you are interested in saving your valuable time and productive resources, then outsourcing your Call Center services is the best bet.

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Free yourself from reports, documents, and typing notes and save both time and money. FarmOut2Us transcription services assure you over 99% accuracyless than 24-hour turnaround time and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Our professional and reliable Transcription services will bring improvements to your bottom line profits and are flexible and able to customize a full-service solution for your clinic, hospital or private practice. Our services have three simple steps to get it done: (1) You Upload your voice file in our secured server; (2) We Transcribe and every file goes for quality check prior to approval; and (3) Documents Ready. You pay and get your transcript.

FarmOut2Us Transcription services provide expertise and specialized skill at a fraction of the cost you would need if paying for an in-house transcriptionist.

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Medical Coding/Billing

Our Company has been providing these services in different countries for years and is capable of handling a huge amount of billing and coding services. We believe that “Care is the top prioritybut your practice is still a business”.

We play vital role in the Healthcare Industry and Strictly comply and perform in our services and your needs. We are in charge on processing patient data such as treatment records and related insurance information. Our billers and coders have experience in providing the best service for your required service. We solve staffing challenges and improve cash flow for inpatient, outpatient and healthcare providers.

FarmOut2Us helps you improve your profits while reducing compliance riskadministrative load and operating cost by outsourcing your medical coding and billing to us.

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Encoding/Data Entry

At FarmOut2us we understand that your data is very important to you. Therefore, we provide the most utmost security for your data.

Having our people enter these data for you can have your business run more efficient and more effective. The people you have can do more important work than being in front of the computer for a long period of time. In which could be “more expense for you” this is where we come in to help you be a support to all your Data Entry.

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Social Media Marketing

Today Social Media Marketing is one of the biggest thing in the Marketing industry. It refers to the process of gaining traffic and attention through social media sites. These social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) allow individual, businesses, and other organization to interact and build relationships with communities online.

We know it’s not always easy to establish and maintain the social media presence for your business. It can be challenging but we can make it happen. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the field where you can best get involved, and the strategies you should use to increase your brand awareness.

FarmOut2Us help business owners like you on maintaining a solid presence on social media. So that when your customer and potential customer are looking for you, you’re there consistently, establishing your relevance credibility, and approachability as a business owner.

If your company is not in Social Media Marketing yet you are missing a huge client-based that focuses on Social Media.

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